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Passing the cost of affinity to Clients

Hey guys,

I’m an affinity user with 4 client accounts right now. I’ve just hit a page telling me that I need to set up direct debit or make credit card payment to keep using it.

How do I go about transferring the cost of the client accounts away from me and onto them? And are there any downsides in doing so?


Hi @fambi,

There is no function to do this within QuickFile but you could include the cost in your fees to your clients - this is up to you to then invoice them.

Hope this helps


Any way of automatically generating the invoices for each client according to their usage?

Also, is there any way to give another accountant access to each client’s account? Or do they need a paying affinity account as well?

Hi @fambi,

No, There is no way for QuickFile to automatically generate these invoices on your behalf. You could set up a recurring invoice for them.

You can have as many log-ins as you want for the affinity account with no extra cost.

Hi @fambi

Just to add to @QFBeth’s post above, it’s worth noting that as it stands the most you’ll be billed per account is £2.97 per month (based on XL with no additional subscriptions).

Could be worth considering as a feature.

Per client account? In other words, as long as I bill anything more than £3.00, the cost will be covered?

Correct :slight_smile:

1 XL account works out at £2.97 + VAT per month. If you were to add any additional subscriptions on (such as bank feeds for example), then this would increase, but there’s also the option for your client to purchase that directly if they wish.

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I disagree. Affinity is an overhead so you will not be billing directly for every single item of overhead per customer. You charge your clients a monthly fee of which the overhead of Affinity is covered, same as with any other.

In my case, these are not clients.

These are my own or JV companies and I’m trying to keep the associated costs separate rather than pay for them with my own personal card. Perhaps an edge-case scenario.

But in the absence of generating an invoice to pass the cost over to the company, Mathew’s approach does simplify things.

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Meanwhile, I’ve set up a Direct Debit, but still can’t access the account dashboards. Any idea on how to overcome this?

Hi @fambi

Are you able to log into the Affinity account at all?

Yes, I’m in there. But all I see is this and any attempts to navigate anywhere else is futile…

Let me send you a private message and get some account details, and we’ll take a look for you :slight_smile:

You should see a green notification in the top right corner shortly

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