Password for client control panel

when entering a new client, What is the meaning of automatically create password? password for what?

Quick File hosts a branded client area where your clients can login and view their invoices. The password is used to grant access to this control panel.

Customising Your Client Area

thank you for your reply, my only concern is, that if a customer is a bit of a whizz he/she might want to try and enter my login details! it will take them straight to my business :frowning:

How would your customer know your email and password credentials?

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email is easy to find as its the default email addy i send invoices from…think it will be safer to only send PDF and not let them know about a client area…lol…anyway still a fantastic system! thank you!

I suppose there’s a similar probability in being able to access someone’s email account. I know the address, all I need is the password. But in the case of Quick File, the email sender address may not necessarily be the address you log in with. You can configure Quick File to only send PDFs and bypass the client control panel altogether, but there are many good reasons to give it a go.

  • Tracking: see exactly when your client has viewed their invoice, you can’t do this with PDF
  • Limit the number of times your clients contact you to supply historic invoices, simply refer them to their control panel.
  • Setup online payment options so clients can use GoCardless, PayPal, Worldpay etc.
  • The client control panel contains a statement of activity so clients can see a chronology of what invoices and payments have been attributed to their account.

I admit this may be overkill for some users but it does have it’s advantages.

If you’d like to see a live demo I posted one a couple of weeks ago here: