Password Restrictions

Just wondering what the restrictions on passwords are (I hope the answer is there are none).

I just entered a password in the password field and I only see 20 dots. Does this mean there is a limit on password character length? What happens if I go over this if there is?

I’ve just checked and the maximum permitted password length is 20 characters (aplha-numeric + symbols).

The input box shouldn’t allow you to type in more than 20 characters.

No, it doesn’t. I pasted in a longer password and it truncated it.

The general gist here is that there shouldn’t be a limit set on passwords unless you are mishandling them server side. Most of my passwords are 30 characters or more, I am going through and updating ones that are less than this and complaining loudly when they don’t allow it!

I think pasting will cause the password to auto-truncate.

A 20 character password (lower and upper case, plus symbols and numbers) would provide sufficient entropy to be literally uncrackable.

You can test this yourself here.

20 characters (mixed) would take approx 11.52 thousand trillion centuries to brute force. Even 12 characters would take 1.7 centuries.

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