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I set up a recurring journal for payroll some months ago for an employee who is paid a fixed salary 4 weekly. The employee has recently had a pay rise so I wanted to amend the journal. I waited until the due date for the journal to appear in the Journal Reports (01/07/2023) but it didn’t appear until the following day 02/07/2023, but was dated correctly 01/07/2023. I then modified the entries to correspond to the new employee figures and wanted this new journal to be the new recurring journal, but based on yesterday’s date. I edited the old journal calendar to delete its schedule and tried to make the the current journal the origin for the new recurring schedule. However when attempting to input the date the 4 weeks should start from, it said The start date cannot be set in the past. It would only let me create a schedule for today or a date in the future. Why can’t I create a schedule based on yesterday’s journal, but must wait until the next pay period? If the original recurring journal had appeared on time, at say just after midnight on 01/07/2023, the issue wouldn’t have occurred. Should I instead use a date 4 weeks from 01/07/2023 i.e. 29/07/2023? Or perhaps the future date should be 28/07/2023 to allow for the recurring journal creation to be a day late?

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Hello @MartynB

Should I instead use a date 4 weeks from 01/07/2023 i.e. 29/07/2023?

This is correct, even if it is created the following date it has the correct date on the transaction (as you mentioned.)

Sometimes we may be a little late creating the entries (particularly at month end as there are a large volume of recurring entries to be processed).

They are processed in batches to stop the overall performance of the system being reduced.

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