Paused Recurring Invoices

Hi There.
We’ve had to pause some recurring invoices as we needed to change some pricing.
They have now gone passed the data at which they should have gone out.
I have amended them and would now like to send them out for this month however it’s showing the next invoice as next months date.
How do I make them go out for this month please?

Hi @bigfootnetworks

I just wanted to clarify - have paused recurring invoices been sent out? That certainly should be the case.

If you wanted to send them out again, you would need to amend the dates on them to show that the next one would be due today, and the system will pick it back up and send it for you.

No… They haven’t already been sent out.
Do I need to change the date on them to start from todays date?

That should work. When you save them, it should then be picked up to be sent today. However, if they’re already set as today’s date, you could set them as tomorrow to be picked up in the morning.

Changing the start date however, will affect your schedule going forward

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