Pay down multiple invoices issue

Hi, Im trying to use the “pay down multiple invoice” option. however when i click on it all it sais is allocate to client. it won’t let me select any outstanding invoices. What am i doing wrong?

as a small business we pay cash/cheques in at the end of the week so need to allocate that lump sum we pay in to a handful of invoices from the week.


The “pay down multiple invoices” option is to pay several invoices for the same client off a single bank transaction. You first choose the client and then you get a list of that client’s outstanding invoices to select from.

If you want to pay invoices for different clients in one bank deposit then you need to use one of the two approaches described in this KB article, either

  • split the deposit transaction into several separate transactions, one for each client, or
  • create a virtual “holding” bank account called something like “combined payments”, mark all the various invoices as paid into that holding account, then tag the actual bank deposit transaction as a transfer from the holding account to return its balance to zero.
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