Pay Online button

Can the “pay online” button be disabled when the customer is set to disable paypal or other payment? It still appears in the client area which is confusing for the customers.

This is not applied retrospectively, only for invoices created after the setting is invoked.

To disable a payment option on any open invoices you can go into the invoice preview, click pay online (from your side) and manually disable any payment options.


Thanks for replying so quickly. I tried that but the button for Pay online is still appearing, though if I click it (as a client) I get to the payment screen and it says no payment methods are set up, which is OK I guess but it’d be better if the button didn’t appear at all.

This is the button I mean on the client’s side.

Many thanks for your help.

No problem.

I’ve passed this over to the development team for now, I will update you with any progress.


That should be hidden now, let me know if that works for you!

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