Paying a Supplier from Credit Balance

One of our suppliers requires that we keep a credit balance with them, which means that all invoices are paid from this balance.

The problem is that, I have imported some of my invoices for this supplier, and then tried to pay the invoice from the credit balance, but it records the payment with todays date, which is incorrect, as all invoices are paid when the invoice is generated.

I cannot see a way to modify the date of the payment, so my accounts appear inaccurate, how can I rectify this?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Go to bank screen , click on payment date, you should be able to change date

Hi @Accountant ,

I’m not sure if I was clear enough in explaining my issue. I make payments to my supplier (currently from Proprietor Drawings Account), posted to their QuickFile Account as an “account credit”, which I then use to pay the invoices that are due.

There is no bank account (i think) that links to this credit balance that is held with the supplier, that I can go in to, to modify the date.



Perhaps someone from QuickFile could look at my account to see what I mean, that may make more sense than my rambling? :smile:

No need to pay from drawing account, thats not correct. You should pay from bank and tag entry as payment on account to relevant supplier and once you ready to pay invoice for supplier, go to invoice screen and click on log payment , you should see option Apply from credit (with yellow bar), tick tha and write payment amount you want to make

The payment date is always going to be when the funds leave your bank account. In accounting terms you can’t change that as it’s in your ledgers as leaving the account on that day so as soon as this happens it’s on the creditor control account.

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