Paying invoices and tagging

Hello Glen
i seem to have done something wrong.
I create a PO for some subcontractors…then send it
then convert to invoice…so this then shows up as unpaid
they send me their own invoice and i log onto the bank and pay it.
then i record the invoice as paid and send them a remittance advice…perfect!
but then when i download statements from bank feed i get a duplicate
i think i must have to delete the recorded payment…and keep the bank statement record
I have tried deleting the bank statement record…but then when i do another download i have to start over.
if i delete the QF payment and tag the bank record, will i achieve the same result
Is there a better way of doing this
Many thanks

Yes. Tagging the bank transaction (as “payment from a customer”) will log a connected payment record on the invoice. You don’t need to mark the invoice as “paid” separately.

taken the plunge…I now balance!!
fantastic stuff…but now i need to undo the rolling back VAT!!
Thanks Again

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