Paying suppliers - Invoiced Updated as paid but I already cancelled!

I used the purchase management screen to pay my supplier. I selected maybe 20 invoices, then clicked UPDATE AS PAID.

Within the 20 invoices was a credit note, which had also been checked before I hit the UAP button. The amount that had been added up dynamically as a result of hitting the check boxes was correct, however, when the payment screen popped up, it was clear that the credit note had not been deducted from the payment.

I pressed cancel to see what was going on, but all the invoices had been updated as PAID!

I went into the bank account and detagged then deleted the payment… all back to normal right? -wrong, the credit note had been updated as well, but there’s no way (that I can see) to reverse that entry, so I’m kinda stuck!

My questions…

  • How can I unpay this credit note without deleting it and starting again?
  • Why didn’t the payment pop up box recognise the credit (have I done something wrong?)
  • Surely the app should not commit any payments to the database until the final confirmation dialog, in case on needs to cancel as I did.

Can you please provide details of the invoice(s) affected?

Assuming you can see my DB, you need to look for CN00002.
The supplier is SUP0000007 Arena
FYI, I deleted the payment, and have not proceeded to make the transaction again until this was sorted.

I see the credit note you have created. When you manually create a one-off credit note like this it will issue a refund to the bank.

What you want to do here is go to one of the 20 invoices and in the preview screen create a credit note from there. This will reduce the balance on that particular invoice so that when you go to pay this invoice it will only pay down the balance that is left.

We have a general guide here on how credit notes work in Quick File, it’s worth a read.

Credit Notes in Quick File

The relevant section here is Credit Noting an Unpaid Balance

Thanks Glenn, so how do I delete that incorrect credit note (or is it something you need to do?)

If you go in and preview the credit note you should see the following link.

Of course! Silly me!
Okay great… I guess that’s case closed then!

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