Payment default

I created account with a 30 days from Invoice and now it saying its overdue

any ideas please

What may be easier is to post a screenshot rather than copy and paste - it’s a bit difficult to make heads or tails of that.

Was the invoice a draft for quite a while before being sent? If so, it will take the date it was raised as a draft.

Secondly, I can’t see a due date on there, only an issue date.
Has the terms been changed at all? Was the due date overridden when creating the invoice?

I’m working a bit blind as I can’t see your account or anything, but I know these can be a cause of the problem (as it has been with me in the past)

You may want to remove your clients name and address from the post above. If you do post a screenshot, blank them out

That invoice has an issue date set as 05/09/2014 with a 14 day term. The due date is the 19th and therefore it’s showing as overdue.

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