Payment Get API Method Gives Amount in GBP while Currency is Euro

When I try to Fetch Payments Using API, Currency is in Euro but Amount is in GBP.


Actual Amount is 779 in Euro and Exchange Rate is 1.1199.

Or please Added Exchange rate when Payment is Attached to Invoice Because its Giving -4.2750 Difference if i try to use Exchange rate on Invoice.

Hello @Sohaib_Ahsan

This has been added a few weeks back. What version of the API are you using?

I’m using 1.2. You added Exchange rate on Purchase and Invoice Get Methods. I Still Can’t Send Exchange Rate via Invoice Create or Purchase Create Method.

See They are is No Exchange Rate on Payment Get Method

          <PayName>Bank Transfer</PayName>
          <Notes />

Any Progress if you made.

Not as of yet I’m afraid. As soon as I have any updates, I will update you here.

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@Sohaib_Ahsan - We’ve released an update this morning which should resolve this. Would you mind checking and letting me know if this works as expected please?

Yes Now I’m Getting Exchange Rate Thanks For Your Help!

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