Payment invoicing


As stated on this site:
our company is not required to create invoices. We will have a lot of small amount transaction, how can we book them without invoicing.

We want to create a site where our clients can register and accept bank transfer and paypal payments (over our bank and paypal accounts) and we will pay them the income minus our fee. Is this a viable way ? Can we do this in Quickfile?

You can bypass the requirement to raise an invoice by tagging directly from the bank, this will allow you to post directly to a nominal code.

So you would upload your bank statement, click to tag the bank entry and select “Something else not on the list”. This will then allow you to post to a code of your choice.


I would however double check this, I’ve not come across this before? Even if you don’t need invoices internally I’m presuming your clients are still legally entitled to receive one.