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Payment Method - an additional option "Bill Payment"


Payment Methods - choices available

To reconcile a bank statement you provide a list of the various types of how the monies were sent to/from an account. The only payment method that that is unavailable at the moment is “Bill Payment” (at present these are “Bank Transfers” but they are reported differently on statements.

I do not know all the various reporting systems of the different banks but have knowledge of HSBC and Santander accounts, to match these accounting records - between QF and the bank statements the addition of “Bill Payment” as a method would provide a better report, as the accounts would be the same.

For your information HSBC have been reporting “Contactless” transactions as an other option, however this does not help with this “feature” request as it is a further step and would complicate as this can be either a Debit Card or Credit Card.

Payment Method - an additional option “Paym"

Hi @alan_mcbrien

The payment method is usually associated with payments to invoices, so things like transfers wouldn’t normally have a payment method associated with them on QuickFile.

What is a bill payment exactly? I would think this falls into the category of a standing order, direct debit or a faster payment?