Payment not received via PayPal

I have set up the quick-file account and linked my paypal. I sent two invoices and they have been paid which I have seen from my customers credit card reports but the money has not reached me. This is starting to make me look unprofessional as I keep having to ask them to check. I am not really happy with quick-file at this time I am looking for a quick response where the money has gone?

Dan Hill

Hi @danhill

If the user paid through PayPal, you would have to check your PayPal account for this. The PayPal feed within QuickFile will only pick up transactions from your account.

Does the payment show anywhere in your PayPal account? How were you made aware of the payment?

The invoice was sent via quickfile through this system and no payment in my paypal. The customer accessed the quickfile area I assigned to him with his log in and paid on a credit card. I asked him if he paid and he told me it had gone through.


On the invoice in question, at the bottom, you should see an event log. Do you see any PayPal references there, or any evidence that the invoice was paid?

You would normally see a reference similar to this:

Full payment made on invoice #123456. Payment received via PayPal Bob Jones (PAYPAL-REFERENCE).

All it says is overdue.

At the bottom I can see the client has viewed the invoice in his account and logged in a few times but no record of payment.

If there’s no entry in your PayPal account, and no entry similar to the above in the event log on the invoice, then unfortunately there’s no record of the payment being made.

If your client does have an entry on their bank statement for PayPal, for the same amount, they may want to query this with PayPal directly to see where that payment went.

Ok thanks so I will ask them for a bank statement and send it on to paypal then.

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Part of the bank reconcilliation process is checking that the balance shown in QF matches the balance on your statement. If these match then the problem is at the customer’s end.

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