Payment of invoices not appearing in VAT return (cash accounting)

I used QF to file Dec-Feb VAT return
I manually submitted Mar-May VAT return
I now want to use QF to submit Jun-Aug VAT return (because of MTD)
But first I have to create the Mar-May VAT return, and choose to not submit it to HMRC

I use Cash Accounting for my VAT returns
I have created invoices with invoice dates in Mar-May
I have assigned payments dated Mar-May to those invoices
But when I look at the Mar-May VAT return all values are 0.00
The values proposed for the Jun-Aug VAT return are correct
I have tried changing from Cash to Accrual Accounting, and back, for VAT
I have tried removing and adding the payments for the Mar/May invoices

Any ideas?

Hello @lindley

Do any of the missing invoices show up in the calculations report?

Hi Mathew

By calculations report, do you mean the VAT report with the 9 VAT fields? No everything in that report is 0.00 for the Mar-May period

Hi @lindley

The other thing to check is your VAT start date.

If you go to your VAT settings (Reports >> VAT Returns >> VAT Settings), you can set a Start Date for your VAT calculations. What this date does, is ignores everything prior to it. So if it’s set to a date on or after 31/05/2019, it’s likely to be ignoring everything before it including the transactions you want included.

Let me know if that works?

Hi Mathew

Yes that seems to have fixed it. I probably brought forward the date as I had already filed for that period.


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