Payment processing with varible direct debits


I’m having a problem in terms of processing direct debits,

When the invoice is created I can take the variable amount from the clients direct debit authorisation,

At that point I want to log the invoice as paid so I don’t have to come back to it, (unless I get a payment failed notification from gocardless)

I want to send a message to say payment will be collected within 3 days (direct debit requires you to give notice before taking the amounts)

here’s what I need

  1. I need the send payment received email, changed to a payment will be processed in 3 days email, I can do this with a text expanding tool
  2. Delay direct debit payment feature

Any advice?

Thank you for the feedback, this is however not something that is on our near-term agenda but we will eventually revisit, therefore I have updated the category to a feature.

You could use the due date and notes on the invoice to indicate when the payment will be collected by DD:

At the moment when you request funds manually, the DD payment request is also initiated, therefore you will need to add a manual diary note to process DD 3 days after sending the invoice.

We would not recommend updating the invoice as paid until the funds have been received and then tag the payment to the invoice.

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