Payment receipt email to include link to the client area


Is it possible for the payment receipt email to include a link to the client area so that clients can view the invoices which have been paid? A link similar to that in new invoice emails is what I was looking for?

I am using the invoice payment list in the standard payment email, but a link to the clients area would be beneficial.


Hi @Gavin_Phillips

While there isn’t a link for the whole client area in itself, there is a link for the invoice (if you’re tagging just one).

We can certainly consider one of the client area if there are multiple invoices being tagged though. I’ve moved your post to the ‘Feature’ category for the moment so other users can add their comments.

In the mean time, if you issue your clients with a password, you can include a link directly to the login page to allow them to access their account. Just amend the template in Account Settings >> Routine Emails

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