Payment terms free text character count truncated


I’m a new user. I entered my payment terms into the free text box in the invoice customisation section (total character count = 1920) it saves ok, but when I checked a new invoice only the first 829 characters are showing. When I go back to the payment terms free text box in the invoice customisation section it now also only shows just the first 829 characters.

Can anybody help? Thanks

There is a character limit of 1,000 for invoice notes and terms. When exceeded the system will auto-truncate to 1,000.

Looking at the default terms you have in there at the moment this is exactly 1,000 characters. You can check this here:

Many thanks. Is there away to attach a PDF to all outgoing email invoices that includes the information that can’t fit into the 1000 character limit?

You can’t attach additional PDFs although you could host the file on the web, e.g. within a public Dropbox folder and add a HTML link to the document in your payment terms:


 <a href=''>Click here to view attached information</a>

Hi Glenn, that didn’t work. It adds the quickfile url tom begining of all links using the method you mentioned e.g.‘’

Maybe I’m still doing something wrong. Thanks

If it’s doing that your html code is probably malformed. Will take a look for you.


OK it didn’t like href='###' so I changed to double quotes and it worked href="###".