Payment Terms


In the invoice settings, I have set payment terms as 31 days. When I generate a new invoice, the default on the invoice is 14 days. This can be manually altered but I want it default at a longer period as this effects automated credit control emails. I can’t find any other settings to change this. Please help.

Hi @Oakwood

Although there is an account setting for this, you can change it on a client-by-client basis. If you’re only noticing this for certain clients, check out their settings (View the client and click Modify Client).

Thank you for the quick reply. Its on all clients. Does this mean there is a setting when creating the client and I will have to manually change them all to correct this. Does the invoice setting for payment terms not really do anything? Thanks

It acts as the default for when you create a new client record.

There isn’t a setting in the interface to do this, but I’ll send you a private message now and see if we can help from our end.

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