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Possible bug, but have discovered the following; the scenario is that I have made a payment to a supplier using my business debit card. I uploaded the entry from my bank account into my QF business current account. (it shows as untagged). I then logged a purchase order on that supplier and just saved (it shows as unpaid). From the dashboard, I selected the purchase order and clicked on the icon to ‘make a payment’. I click in full, from business current account and select payment method as debit card, then click save. The purchase order, quite rightly, now shows as paid, but when I go back to the line item in my business current account, it is still sitting there as untagged. I then have to delete the payment and tag the item from the current account and invoice match as a payment to a supplier. Just curious as to why the method I describe above doesn’t give the same end result as direct tagging…

Not a bug as such, but rather the fact that logging a payment from the purchase details screen doesn’t try and match against untagged transactions in the bank, it simply creates a new (tagged) transaction.

If you work from the bank side, tagging the transaction there as a payment to a supplier, then it will link to the invoice.

Or if you log the payment first, then import your statement, I believe it should reconcile things during the import.

I had a go by first deleting the imported transaction from biz current a/c. I then logged a payment against the purchase order - it shows as paid. I then imported the relevant bank transaction into QF current account.Clicked Tag Me => payment to a supplier but, understandably, it says ‘no matching purchase records’, so your final comment of ‘I believe it should reconcile things during the import’ doesn’t hold good…

Once you have manually logged a payment directly from the invoice there’s nothing left to tag, it would have created an entry on your bank account and is fully explained.

Now when you come to import your bank statement, providing you manually logged the payment for the exact same amount and on the exact date it appears in your statement, it will flag as a possible duplicate and ask you if you want to ignore it. If the dates or amounts are different it will not assume it’s a duplicate and will import without warning.


If it’s the transaction I think it is looking at your account then you’ve manually logged the payment on a different day to what it is on your bank statement.

Simplest way to resolve this is to delete the untagged entry. Then click on the date for the tagged entry on the bank and change it to match your statement.

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