Payment with partial refund

I work for a charity and i have a problem booking a payment.
Sometimes we subsidise training courses for members.
Let’s say a course cost £100 and i want to subsidise it for £40 to member A.

I want to enter a payment in the system for £60 , composed of 2 sub-parts: £100 out and £40 in from A.

From the bank account the system automatically picks up 2 transactions: £100 out and £40 in.

Can i associate the 2 transactions for £100 out and £40 in to the payment of £60 ?

The £40 you would treat as a Credit Note. So you would enter the original invoice at £100 link the £100 payment in the bank to the invoice. Then issue a credit note (refund) for £40.

More on credit notes here

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