Payments On Account shown on Statements


Is it possible to show payments on account received from clients as separate rows on the statement - currently the statement only shows outstanding invoices but a lot of my clients pay in advance by standing order (entered as a credit) but they do not show as an outstanding balance.

Many Thanks

Yes at the moment any credits will only show in the summary.

When any credits sitting on the client account are bound to invoices only then will they feature as a line item on the statement showing how much was attributed to the invoice.

I’m not sure how we’d show the full credit as a line item and show what’s attributed to invoices on other lines, we’d need to go with one or the other. There’s a problem here when you may have one credit on account linked to say 10 invoices.

We too see the problem of some clients overpaying and making duplicate payments. The statements don’t make this clear for the client and we have had to explain where the credit has come from. Showing unallocated payments on the statement would help.

I can see that this problem is only commented on very infrequently but it has now become an issue for me.

I have a difficult customer where we are in discussion about invoice amounts, he has made an ad hoc payment on account which I want to see on the statement. Even I struggled to find it in the “Credit” box.

Payments that are allocated appear as statement lines but with no indication as to which invoices they relate, I do not see why payments on account cannot appear in the same way.

Customers with a wish to be difficult, I feel, will find this a convenient excuse.

PS Love the product and this is a very small blip in my experience. :smiley: :smiley:

Hi @SteveBloomer

We did release an alternative statement view earlier this year, which may help.

If you go to Account Settings >> Advanced Features, you’ll find the option to enable this there.

Hopefully that helps!

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