Paypal and Stripe - Add fixed amount on top of percentage charge

Any chance of having the option to add the fixed payment of 20p to the charge on top of the fixed fee as i am having to increase the percentage to cover the 20p it be better to have the fee as it comes form paypal stripe

I’ll leave this thread open for others to comment or add their vote. If it’s supported by more users we can look at this further.


Just a word of advice…Try writing more descriptive topics, especially when it comes to feature requests as nobody will find your topic and add their vote and it may well get overlooked.

See my amended title.

Hi Glenn,

Unfortunately i am dyslexic english descriptions aren’t my strong point but i am always happy people improving my english,

thankfully spell checker catches most spell and some grammar errors but not all

OK don’t worry, I correct half of the titles on this forum anyway, so you’re not alone!

I spend a good part of my day routing through old posts trying to find discussions that I know I’ve had but can’t locate… usually due to the title.

Features with descriptive titles always get more attention/support from other users which is what we look for when planning new features.

Yes I would like this feature included. Gocardless is our preferred payment method and we don’t pass the charges on but PayPal and stripe we do. It’s awkward to have to adjust the %age.

Yes I would also like this feature as I too am charged a percentage plus 20p per transaction. My PayPal payments tend not to be very high value and so I also could increase the %, but it would have to be quite high to yield 20p (0.8% on £25) and would obviously overcharge on a larger amount).