PayPal - Backdated transactions

I have created a Paypal Merchant Account which will Sync in the next 24 Hours. I am assuming all transactions will download. My question is: I need only the transactions from the Oct 1st. If I delete transactions prior to this date, will PayPal continue to sync them or will it go by most recent transaction date forward?

The feed only retrieves items on and after the date of activation, no other historic transactions will be imported. This is to reduce overheads on our server. I’ve seen accounts with 200 transactions a day in there, for the system to historically retrieve that volume of data over a large period and apply all the necessary tagging puts a fair amount of load on our servers.

Many thanks Glenn. If we CSV’d the information prior to the activation date (which I am understanding as the Quickfile link date) this information will then be retained and auto updated from there on?

Absolutely, the feed will just pickup from the date you activated it on Quick File.

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