PayPal Balance is not correct in import

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with this. I have lined my quickfile and PayPal accounts together and also mprted the statements for the period I need.

However quick file displays a very different balance than the true paypal balance.

I’m literally importing the data from PayPal’s own downloadable .csv speadsheet for all activity.

Does anyone know how to solve this as if not I will need to use another service which handles PayPal.

Many Thanks,

Are you able to trace it back to the point where the balance is correct to see where it ‘went wrong’? You can use the reconciliation tool for this too.

Some transactions that PayPal export wouldn’t be applicable for quickfile, such as hold on funds.

Once you can identify the error, then hopefully someone should be able to advise better on how it should be corrected :smile: