PayPal bank feeds

I have a PayPal account and that appears to be auto-feeding entries as they happen … or is it?

If this is a manual process how do I initiate it and if it is an automated process how can I control it?

HOWEVER … I am seeing entries for small amounts as Paid entries that have been tagged (automatically?) but…
[a] the recipient is not part of my PayPal account but IS part of my Santander account and
[b] even so the amounts paid to the recipient do not match any payments I make to him.

Not quite as they happen, the PayPal feed runs once every 24 hours and imports the previous days entries. If you can’t wait until the next day, on the PayPal statement there is a refresh button that pulls in everything up to that point in time.

I see the entries you’re talking about but they were never created by the auto-feed, looks like you bulk paid some supplier but accidentally nominated the PayPal account? I can’t say for sure, but it definitely didn’t come in on the feed.

Glen…I don’t know how to bulk pay a supplier…actually I don’t have any suppliers other than the one I pay by monthly direct debit using my Santander debit card.

I’ve done nothing with PayPal other than set up the feed and tag entries that come across.

Looks like you have automated bank tagging rules setup, quite a few of those small supplier payments were created from a tagging rule.

Purchase QF00022 has been created from automatic tagging

I would at least switch your tagging rules to manually confirm for now so you can see what is happening.