Paypal deleted transaction

Hiya community, in need of help please.
Having a few problems with my paypal feed I had to delete some of the feed, does this mean I now need to enter each transaction separately?
If so how do I do this, via creating a purchase or entering a new transaction in the paypal account and tagging it?
Is there a short cut way of downloading the paypal purchases and updating as you would on a bank account.
Thank you.

Hi @Baphs,

Have you tried refreshing the feed to see if the deleted transactions are pulled back in? (this will depend on the date of the transactions so may not work).

Otherwise, yes, if you can download a csv file for the paypal transactions then you can upload this to the bank feed in QuickFile

Just uploaded the statement and it worked thank you, thank you. That could have been a very long day doing data input :slight_smile:

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