Paypal eBay buyer dispute tagging

I have this transaction - I know how to tag the refund but what about the eBay buyer dispute - it was blocked and then unlocked and after that in the end it was refunded, but in quickfile transaction for refund and buyer dispute is different. How do I tag it?

There’s a recent thread on this very subject. The gist was they aren’t important to the accounts so you could probably just delete both entries and ignore it.

I had this very issue myself and with so many reversals and refunds and so on, it because obvious that it would be better to just stop using the PayPal feed and manually enter the figures in bulk on a monthly basis. Nice and simply, you can just keep paper backups to show the breakdown if needed. The feed just confuses things because it imports lots of unnecessary things that makes the figures wrong unless you delete them, which is hassle if you have hundreds or even thousands of transactions.

I agree - I wanted to have each transaction in quickfile to be able to send invoice quickly to customer, but to be honest it might be much better from accounting point of view to just input one lump sum per month. It makes it much cleaner and easier to run accounts as well and thats what quickfile is mainly for - all transactions breakdown is in paypal anyways.

One question though - where to find the correct amount for the last month (from monthly payments received I presume, hopefully that includes all the refunds etc.)

One more question - what about purchases that you send payments via paypal - these would need to be included in quickfile definitely…

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