Paypal feed debiting authorization as well as actual debit

A recent paypal automatic feed showed three items for the same transaction - a debit of £66.96 for the authorization on the day of the transaction, another debit of £66,96 for the actual transaction and a credit for £66.96 from my debit card. This left the paypal account falsely in debit by £66.96.
I know I can just delete the authorization transaction but it will come back again presumably and I’d like to know why it does this anyway.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Quick File will just import the information based on whatever the PayPal feed returns. There is some degree of filtering on our side as the PayPal feed is very verbose and the activity delivered in the feed is not always important from a pure bookkeeping perspective.

If you delete an item it shouldn’t come back if you just leave the overnight feed to import the transactions. If you’re refreshing manually in the bank statement page it will likely come back.


I have asked for an additional condition to be added to the PayPal feed processing software to ignore AUTHORISATION transactions. These items are only there to put a block on the account, upon which the funds are usually captured shortly after, it’s safe to ignore these in a bookkeeping context.

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