Paypal feed duplication and missing transactions


I have noticed a number of transactions missing from my paypal feed and transaction in the wrong place. Downloaded a csv from paypal and tried to upload it to QF to see if that made a difference but QF says the file is corrupt, file has just been downloaded and uploaded, not opened. Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this welcome

Hi @AndrewM

I’ll start with the missing transactions - is there anything different about these? For example, are they in a different currency, or are they an e-cheque payment?

With the CSV file, would you be able to tell me the exact error you’re seeing please when you try to import the file to your account? It may be a case that PayPal have changed the formatting of the file, so there may be an extra column for example that our import tool isn’t expecting. I’d also be interested to know if the file imports all OK using the “Other” option for the bank selection.

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