PayPal feed failed

My bookkeeper has just gone in to tag my PayPal transactions and noticed it hasn’t imported for the last two months!

Looking in my Event Log I found:
21/08/2018 04:04 Paypal Feed Paypal feed removed. (Reason : Token is not valid)

I also noticed that the feed logo for PayPal was red.

I have now refreshed the feed and the feed logo has gone back to blue.

Can you please advise whether the feed will load the missing transactions since 21st Aug?
If not how do you recommend that I bring QuickFile back up to date with PayPal?

Truly Madly Deeply Ltd

Hi @Vince_Corbin

If you’ve reactivated it today, we may receive the missing data overnight, so it’s worth leaving it for today to see if that happens.

If it doesn’t, the best way to bring your account up to date would be to import a .csv export from the PayPal website. If you need any help with this, please let us know.

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