Paypal Feed - find matching invoices

Hiya Glenn thanks for getting back to me. I can click Tag me but when I go to tag it to corresponding total it doesn’t show that amount. Just says no matches.

Also, The same amounts are in the current account statement as in paypal statement. If I tag these and put them into paypal statement, would this be correct. I tried this with one item of 17.06 but the money out isn’t tagged. Am I doing something wrong?

Would it be better deleting paypal feed and manually inserting these?

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This just means there are no unpaid invoices on that same date with a matching amount that you can link the transaction to. If you raise an invoice and the next day PayPal brings in the feed the idea is you just link the transaction on the PayPal account to pay down that invoice.

I’m not sure about your second point, are you referring to a payment made from PayPal here or income received? When you make a payment with PayPal it will show on both the PayPal account and the current account. You just treat the entry on the Current account as a transfer to the PayPal account.

If you’re finding the feed confusing, you can just disable it and log the bulk sales using the method described here:

So I just leave everything as is without tagging even though its in current account also?