Paypal feed foreign transactions and conversion to GBP transactions


I have setup a merchant bank account for my paypal transactions to automatically feed into. However, I received some funds at approx. 3am this morning into my paypal account and it isnt showing in QF. I’ve also tried pressing the ‘Import Todays Paypal Transactions’ but it says ‘No new transactions found today
Please try again later.’

I have previously imported paypal statements manually into this account successfully, but would like future transactions to import automatically.

Any help much appreciated.


3am is about when the feed runs. But if the feed missed the transaction I would have expected the “Import today’s transactions” to work. Let me check this and get back to you.

The transaction appears to be in USD which is why it’s getting ignored. PayPal may post a conversion to GBP transaction which I believe gets pulled into Quick File. I’ll need to check this though.

OK, can we review this tomorrow to see if the conversion amount filters through? If it doesn’t we shall look at ways around this. The fundamental problem here is you can’t have mixed currency transactions in one bank account, I believe this is the same with all accounting systems.

Thankyou for your prompt response. Its rather strange/annoying that paypal has created conversion transactions for my other US dollar transactions but not for this one. And although there is no conversion transaction shown it has added the transaction to my total paypal balance in GBP.

Hopefully they will add the currency conversion transaction at some point, if not, I will just have to import it manually, but if you can find away around it that would be much appreciated.


I think there may be a delay before the transactions is made and the conversion appears on the feed. That’s my current theory, we’ll keep an eye on this and I’ll let you know.

Paypal still hasnt added the conversion transaction, I have since had a payment received in GBP which has imported into QF fine. Its a shame it cant handle US dollar transactions too.

It’s tricky because we need to wait for that conversion transaction to come through on the feed as without it we don’t know what rate PayPal will apply. We could infer the rate using our feed but it would almost certainly be a different rate that PayPal use and thus your balance would become inaccurate. We’ll have a look to see if there are other ways to handle this although without the correct rate from PayPal it’s not easy.

Thanks for helping me with this. I just tried manually importing the paypal CSV statement for that one transaction. Unfortunately this was also unsuccessful because it didnt like the way the fields were mapped. I compared this CSV to previous paypal statements I have imported successfully before and they look identical.

Any ideas how I can get around this?

Do you have an error message that is being displayed?

Yes, well it wasnt so much an error, as asking me to match fields to columns in the CSV. I decided to just manually enter the transaction myself in the end.

Are there any solutions to handle a paypal account with balances and transactions in multiple currencies?

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