Paypal feed has stopped importing

We’ve been using the automatic Paypal feed into Quickfile for ages, and mostly it works really well. We have around 10 transactions a day coming into it. For some reason, yesterday it just stopped importing. Every time we told it to check for today’s new transactions, it said there weren’t any. And then overnight it hasn’t imported any either. But we’ve had the confirmation email from Paypal for a number of transactions that have been made recently. Any ideas?

BTW my account number is 6131405772.


It was inactive for some reason? Did you go several months without logging in? We deactivate feeds if you don’t login for a long time.

Anyway I have re-enabled the feed and ran it for today. Let me know if you have any further problems.

No, we use it every single day and haven’t fiddled with any settings or anything. Thanks for reenabling it. It seems to have lost last night’s transactions so I guess we’ll have to just type those in manually?

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