Paypal Feed Item/Cart Description Missing

Hi - I have switched on the paypal feed, but the information in the description is very limited - in particular it does not provide an item/purchase description - something which makes allocating to a nominal code very difficult.

The only way I can work around this issue is to manually generate a report in paypal (which does contain this data), and then match against the uploaded transactions, and copy and paste the item description etc…

This is quite painful and time consuming, so much so that I am considering switching off the feed

Is there something I am missing that can make life simpler? I checked through the Forum - and did note someone else mentioned a similar issue - but there appeared to be no resolution at that time


Hi @Adam_Damree

Generally speaking the information provided to us by the feed is limited, and we show pretty much what is presented to us.

Although there may be an easier way to record your sales. For example, do you currently create an individual invoice for each transaction? If so, is it needed (does the customer receive a copy)?

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