PayPal feed not working


It seems our PayPal feed is not importing any new transactions since 18 Nov (Account No. 6131414416). When trying manual import we get ‘No new transactions found today. Please try again later.’ message. Thanks.


The status of the feed was paused. This would normally happen if you don’t log into your account for 4 months or more. But I don’t see any evidence of this? I’ve re-activated the feed and will bring it up to date in the next couple of hours.

Yes, we log into our account at least a few times a week so it should work. Thank you for your help.

I apologise, I believe we may have inadvertently paused it when we ran a recent update. It should be ok now, let me know if you have any further problems.

It’s working perfectly fine now. Thank you.

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I have set up paypal but it hasn’t transferred over the information since it was set up…have I missed a step or something?

Just checked, looks OK to me. The account you’ve linked is showing 3 transactions since 6th of January, all of which have been imported into your PayPal account in Quick File.

Thanks Glenn, I see them now from the bank management screen…I was looking in the bank account I have named as ‘PayPal Balance’, expecting them to be there (durrr). I guess I have to transfer them into that account now and then link them with the respective sales/purchases…?

Have a look at the guide here, this explains how to tag and transfer the withdrawals:

Transferring money from PayPal to your regular bank account

Thank you for the link.

Now I’ve got the feed set up would you suggest that I transfer the historical data I entered manually over to the feed record to save having two places with records of PayPal transactions…?

I wouldn’t bother importing every historical transaction from PayPal, it may take you a very long time to tag all this. Just import the headline figures for the period and tag it to one big sales invoice.