Paypal Feed Problem

Hi There,

My Paypal Feed seems to have stopped importing the receipts.
12/5 all seemed OK.
13/5 Payment to Paypal OK, 1 x purchase and 6 x receipts not imported.
14/5 2 x purchases registered OK.

Can I go back and try and import?


The feed seems to have run fine during the 13th on a few other accounts I checked, so I’m not sure why those items weren’t imported. Did you change any settings on the feed around about that time?

Unfortunately we can’t manually run the feed for a specific date so those items would need to be logged manually. You can export a CSV for that date from PayPal and upload to QF but it would probably be quicker just to enter them manually on the bank.

All’s well that ends well :smile:
For some reason it seems to have picked them up last night.
It didn’t the night before on the scheduled update and it didn’t yesterday before I posted when I used the import button.
But this morning all transactions are showing.

I can see they were picked up this morning, perhaps there was a communication problem with PayPal when the feed ran previously. Glad to see it’s now automatically updated!

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