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PayPal feed stopped working today


Anyone else experiencing problems with paypal feed today? Was working earlier this week, but today there is no refresh option on the “More Options” drop-down, which does re-appear if I go to the feed settings and save. But then on refreshing it’s slow and does not retrieve recent transactions.


Hi @Stuart_W

Can I just clarify - you’ve had the feed set up previously, but now when you try to manually refresh it there’s no refresh option.

Is that correct?


That is correct, the feed has been working for many months without a problem. I can’t manually refresh because the option is not available, see attached screen-print, but I don’t think it’s automatically refreshing either.



@Stuart_W - We’ve taken a look at this, and it looks as if the permissions have been revoked by PayPal.

Can you try disconnecting the feed from within QuickFile and reconnecting it again please?


I don’t know why that happened, I will reinstate the feed now.
If I don’t report back please assume all is OK.
Thanks for your help


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