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Paypal feed tagging

Trying get my accounts a bit more organised, so set up the Paypal feed. I have it set so that I do the tagging, but it’s creating an invoice for every single fee and transaction. Is there any way I can stop this? I don’t really want hundreds of invoices each month, I’d rather have one amount so I can see what my fees each month are.

TLDR: can i use the feed to just add all of the transactions so i can tag them?

If you use the auto-feed, every fee for every transaction will be displayed separately and allocated to one supplier (Paypal). When you go to the supplier account for paypal you can find a monthly breakdown of your fees.


You can also use the paypal account without the feed and you enter the transactions manually. In this way you can enter just one amount per month or week and tag it to an invoice/supplier.
Hope this helps

i just thought this might be simpler. having hundreds of invoices really chokes everything up for me. having to manually enter everything takes too long and leads to mistakes. not sure what the “leave the tagging to me” tick box is for if it just ignores it.

That means, you tag your sales income (arriving in your paypal merchant account within quickfile) to invoices. You can also do it with auto-tagging rules.
“Lump all sales under one client” means, the income money in your paypal account within quickfile will be allocated and tagged under one client automatically. You could call this “client” paypal customers or Sales Paypal or something like this.
“Create and allocate to clients…” is a kind of auto-tagging as well. With every sale over paypal there will be an email address submitted to quickfile. Quickfile uses this email address to look for current customers and creates and invoice and tag the invoice as paid. If there is no customer with this email address quickfile creates one, and the invoice for that customer and tags the invoice as paid

just not sure why there is a leave the tagging to me tickbox if it just tags everything anyway. back to the drawing board by the looks of it

If you tick this box then you have to do the tagging manually. Later you can create auto-tagging rules to suit your needs and to make your life easier.
It is possible that there is already a auto rule for the PayPal fees because these fees go to PayPal, that means you have to tag it to PayPal.
Hope that makes sense

but thats why i’m confused because i have the box ticked for me to tag it so i’m not sure why its tagging them.

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