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PayPal feed wrongly importing "ORDER" entries

I originally posted about this here.

The PayPal feed seems to import “ORDER” entries as well as the final SALE. Recently we had one purchase for £44.79 appearing as the following.

29/01/2021	UPS Limited (8**************9)	44.79
25/01/2021	ORDER: O-1***************Y	44.39

I don’t believe the ORDER entry should of been imported as it does not represent the final purchase.

You can see details for the difference between Order and Sale at the following link.

Hi @John6,

I have reported this to the dev team to take a look at for you

Hi @John6

We’ve refined our filter for PayPal that should now eliminate these “ORDER” entries from importing on the feed.

Would you mind just keeping an eye on this, please, and letting us know if there any any further problems?

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Thanks @QFMathew,

I will let you know if I have any further problems.

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