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I have a PayPal account which I set up as a bank account, it has been receiving payments for many years and I’ve been manually managing the payments. I tried to set this up to receive an automated feed - this seems to be working but there is only the standard overnight feed. I have tried to modify the feed schedule but when I go to the bank account - as detailed on the support page there is no - More Options tab’ Am I missing something?

Hi @RickyRichards,

The feed runs overnight as standard, as with all of our banking feeds they are typically run overnight/early hours to pull in the transactions from the previous day

Hi – Thanks I know that. However, I found a document / discussion that indicates that there are other options available.

I’ve attached a screenshot.

However, when I try to navigate to this link / page so that I can see some other feed options it just isn’t there on my system

I am getting a Barclays feed and that works really well. In the morning I receive the overnight transactions and then I can refresh the feed periodically through the day, I’m hoping that I can get something similar with PayPal

Ricky R

Hi @RickyRichards ,

The options look slightly different but it is still there. You can refresh your feed by going to Options >> Refresh feed


Hi Beth, please refer to screenshot – I’m not getting a Refresh Feed option

Hi @RickyRichards

There should also be a “Feed Settings” option there. Is the feed currently active? Do you see a blue feed box on the bank overview screen?

HI Matthew, thanks – there isn’t a blue box, but I can tell you that we are definitely receiving an overnight feed as I’m seeing new transactions every morning – since setting it up late last week.

Screenshot attached


@RickyRichards - let me send you a private message and we can take a look at this for you.

You should see a green notification in the top right shortly.

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