Paypal has not updated for at least 24 hours

My paypal integration has been working flawlessly for 3-4 months but in the last 24 hours or so it has not updated at all. It will not update with new transactions even when i try to manually “import todays paypal transactions”

any advice please

Have you gone a 2-3 months without logging into your QuickFile account? We suspend feeds where the account is inactive for a long period.

thanks for the reply.
I log in every day.
usually multiple times per day


OK, there is a note in your event log:

Paypal Feed Paypal feed removed. (Reason : Timeout processing request)

It seems that there was some connectivity problem with your account when we called PayPal. We’ve just reset your feed and I believe it is bringing in the missing items.

Let me know if you have any further problems with this.

Paypal feed is now picking up transactions again but there are a few transactions from the last 24-48 hours missing.
Maybe it will pick them up in the overnight update? or is the “check now” the same process as the overnight update?


it looks as though all transactions for the 12th of November are missing. transactions on the 13th (today) are coming through properly

thanks again

OK I had a word with a developer and those missing items for the 12th should get pulled in when the feed next runs (4 am tomorrow).

thats great. thanks for the help.
I will check again tomorrow and let you know but I am sure you are right :smile:

thanks again

If you check now, they should be there. We manually imported them for you.

all perfect now. thanks :slight_smile:

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