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We are experimenting with the PayPal Here card reader and app for a few of our transactions but are experiencing problems in identifying the PayPal Here transaction from our normal web-enabled PayPal sales.
To process our current PayPal transaction we are “Lump all sales under one client” which has proved to be the best method so far but unfortunately, the PayPal Here transactions have no distinguishing marks are therefore difficult to search on other than a blank either a blank description or a Client Name.
What we would like to do is to change the client name from our “Lump all sales under one client” to let us say “PayPal Here” but QF has not allowed the change. The error is a logical error: "You have changed the client on a partial or fully paid invoice. To issue this invoice to another client you can create a copy from the main invoice section."
Do you have any advice on resolving this problem?
Thank you

Hi @gjwguk

With the error you have, you would need to reduce the balance (if it’s outstanding) and create a new invoice for a different client. If it’s fully paid, you can reduce the balance I believe, but this would leave a credit on their account. You may find it easier to start from fresh if you have the figures at hand; untag the payment, edit the invoice, tag the new payment, and create the other invoice for Here.

However, I am also looking into the way Here payments are presented - it’s not something I’ve personally come across before. Do you have an example of when one of these would have come into your account and I’ll take a look at this in a bit more detail?

1st Dec 2016 - There is 4 transactions for 12, 15, 21 & 24 GBP all have Payment type "PayPal Here"

Thanks for the information. I’ll take a look shortly and see if we can sort anything here to distinguish them.

Will keep you posted.

@gjwguk - We have looked at this, but there seems to be no way to differentiate between Here and web payments - they all show up as the same type on the feed. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to separate these or show them in a different way.

The other option you have is to stop them from being assigned to one bulk invoice and client but list them individually and bulk tag them on an individual transaction basis.

I hope that makes sense?

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