PayPal historic data refund fees issue

From what I understand if I want to import transactions from PayPal then I download a Comma Delimited – All Activity CSV file from the Transactions section in PayPal.

I am aware that once uploaded in Quick File that it will not show Fees, and these can be added in bulk later. However the issue is with returns in PayPal. For example I sold an item for £27.95 (Gross) that shows in Quick File with a fee of 87p, which is not shown, however a few days later I refunded this sale and Quick File shows the refund as £27.95. The issue is that the fees lump sum that I input takes care of all fees paid so the refund should really be shown as £27.08 (net of the fee) so the fee is not shown as refunded, because by it showing £27.95 as being refunded then it includes the fee, so technically I am claiming the fee as an expense twice, one in my lump sum and once in the gross refund of £27.95. There seems to be no way around this.

I did find that the Monthly Finance Summary detailed CSV file is accurate and shown the correct amounts in the payments column for refunded item where it shows the net value, so it does not interfere with the fees, however Quick File will not let me upload this file to use.

I know this is a lot to try to get your head around and I have explained it the best I can, and if you need further info to help let me know.

The refund should reflect the gross amount so it can be reconciled against the original invoice. When calculating your fee total you would need to include any fee reversals derived from refunds.

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