Paypal monthly bulk import and purchases problem

I came to conclusion that the best solution in Quickfile would be to bulk import paypal payments instead of activating paypal feed in quickfile (which causes some trouble as specified here - paypal buyer dispute problem

Although there are some things to sort out:

  1. As far as Im aware the correct monthly amount is the ‘Payments
    Received’ which can be found in Transactions section - correct me if
    Im wrong, but:

    1. Does the ‘Payments Received’ total amount already include refunds for that month? If yes then its best to take that amount sometime
      later so you dont end up refunding a client after you’ve inputted
      that sum into quickfile as that can mess up the books.

    2. What about purchases you make online and pay with your paypal - these should obviously be included in quickfile and specified
      exactly what was it for. Is that already included in the total
      amount taken from paypal and if yes how do you tag it in quickfile
      so the books dont get messed up.

This is a major flaw in quickfile and for ebay users its essential to solve it, but obviously not for everyone…

I’m not sure how this relates to QuickFile? You’re asking us about the figures that are reported in PayPal, have you asked PayPal how those figures are derived?

You’re right Glenn, its not quickfile issue. Im just worried and want to make everything perfect. After consideration I will continue to use paypal feed, tag all the purchases in there as its easier and remove the duplicate buyer dispute transactions after checking them properly. Thanks for support.

No problem, PayPal can be a bit tricky in some cases, but any queries let us know!

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