PayPal multiple currency transactions importing

We check and discover that PayPal feeds imports only the transactions with currency GBP.

If we had create multiple bank accounts with different currencies (USD, EUR, CAD, …) and also we have the default one in GBP.

Why the PayPal automatic feed import all the transactions, every one on its matched bank account currency?

And so, PayPal feed can import all the transactions with multiple currencies.

PayPal is handled via a bank account in QuickFile, any bank account needs to be locked to a currency, this is fundamental to just about all accounting packages… you can’t have GBP, USD and EUR transactions all mixed together.

I’ll be honest… trying to accommodation for the way PayPal handles multi-currency transactions would be a complete nightmare to implement. In fact PayPal don’t disclose the GBP value of a foreign currency sale over the API when the feed is imported, it is handled via an adjustment 2-3 days later. That means you’d need to apply a provisional ex-rate and adjust out later.


Just to try to put a more positive slant on this post, what we can do quite easily is convert any foreign currency amounts to GBP using our own ex-rate provider ( It will mean that loss/gain adjustments would need to be inserted periodically to account for the differences between rates and the ones PayPal uses.