PayPal Not Reconciling

We’ve been using the PayPal import feed for the last 12 months but have noticed that the balance have been slowly drifting apart. Yesterday I tried to see why this was happening and had a difference of £553.16, today, all transactions identical and amounts totalling correctly the difference is £531.68.

I’ve had pain with PayPal before with holds/deferred payments etc. so I’m hoping it might be something simple. I do delete the hold transactions in QuickFile so as to just have simple Customer Invoices/Customer Credit Notes/PayPal Invoices, I don’t think this is an issue as everything should reconcile at the minute as there are no holds/pending payments.

Any suggestions?



Do you have any foreign currency transactions in your PayPal account. Currently our feed cannot import foreign currency transactions so this may explain the difference?

All GBP, the balance in QuickFile is greater than PayPal to add to the confusion…

Mmm it’s difficult to say what the issue may be? Foreign currency transactions is the obvious one but it could be items manually paid to the PayPal account from an invoice, then duplicated on the feed, opening balance problems etc.

The only way to determine the precise problem is to start from a given date where the balance is correct then work forward until you’ve located the day the issue arrises.

If you’re not issuing the invoices generated in QF for PayPal sales, then you may in future just want to log bulk PayPal sales instead, it will certainly be easier to account for.

Thanks, it’s tricky to work out when it started to go a miss due to the time difference in transactions, those that occur around midnight GMT get added to the previous day when they should technically be on the next, I believe this was due to the time difference of PayPal servers when I’ve raised this previously. I will start to go through each transaction for the last 24 hours to see where this difference is and hopefully that will provide some insight. Thanks for your help.