PayPal purchases duplicated in feed

We are seeing payments made to UPS duplicated in the PayPal feed. The feed is left to download automatically and no manual refresh was performed around the time of the transaction. The relevant entries for one transaction was as below.

28/09/2019    United Parcel Service (6***************9)   64.99   Tag Me!
24/09/2019    ORDER: O-9***************D    64.99   Tag Me!

The entry for the 28/09/2019 is the correct one.

Looking at the transactions downloaded manually from PayPal. I can see the
“United Parcel Service|Order|Processing” for 64.99 on the 24/09/2019 with the same O-9… order reference as the incorrect entry. However this then seems to get reversed on the 28/09/2019 with a “United Parcel Service|General Authorisation|Completed” for -64.99 referencing the same O-9… order reference.

It seems to me that the “United Parcel Service|Order|Processing” with the O-9… reference should not be imported as it’s not a completed transaction, it’s a transaction with the status “Processing”.

Is it possible these can be filtered out?

Hi @John6,

Thank you for letting us know about this, we are looking in to the reason behind the duplicate and will let you know once we have an answer

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