PayPal Refund issue

I am having an issue processing PayPal refunds. I have an invoice tagged to PayPal for the sale of an item, and the PayPal Merchant account shown the refund untagged. I try to tag it as a refund to a customer and it asks me to link it to an invoice, however it only shows a few invoices that it can be linked to and none of them are the correct invoice for the sale. What do I need to do to process this correctly?

Could it be that the sale of the item was manually uploaded to the PayPal merchant account using a CSV file with a date 2 months earlier and the refund was uploaded by the PayPal feed feature, is that why it will not show the purchase invoice for me to tag the refund to?

How you uploaded it makes no difference. In general the refund drop down list on the bank tagging screen will show all previously paid invoices that are greater or equal to the refund amount on the bank side.

Rather than bank tagging this you can locate the original invoice and credit note it, it will prompt you for the amount, date and bank account (select PayPal) for the refund. This will obviously create a duplicate on the bank but you can then just delete the untagged entry from the feed.

The only reason I can’t think that the original sale is not showing up in the refund drop down list is because I manually imported the sale after the PayPal feed had imported the refund, although the sale is of course before the refund by date, the import of the refund might well have been before the sale. Could that be the reason for it not showing up in the drop down menu?

I can’t really say without looking at your account, is there any chance you can PM me the account number, transaction date & amount along with the original sale you’re trying to match it to?

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